See GeneratePress Speed With and Without GenerateBlocks (Pro) and GP Premium

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Generate Press Speed Featured Image

(+/-) 4

Google Lighthouse score on versions w/ GenerateBlocks, Premium, and Leap


(without Leap)

Core Web Vitals passed FCP and CLS, but did not pass LCP


(with Leap)

Core Web Vitals passed when Leap was enabled



Fastest Score from all versions tested with and without Leap

What was tested?


The GeneratePress theme was implemented on the website and tested to check its page speed and Core Web Vitals.

+ GenerateBlocks Pro
and GP Premium

GenerateBlocks Pro and GeneratePress Premium were activated on the website. The website was then tested on PageSpeed Insights for site speed and Core Web Vitals.

w/ Ezoic Leap

With GeneratePress theme implemented on the site alongside Ezoic Leap, we tested Core Web Vitals to see how it compared against the theme without Leap. See the configuration here.

Other Details:

Multiple pages and posts were tested on the site. All the sites were displaying ads server-side from Ezoic Cloud. The site is hosted on Ezoic’s free WordPress hosting and includes articles with videos, images, social widgets, sidebars, floating ads, and several other common article elements that make it a typical, lightweight WordPress website.

Plugins Used

When testing the Core Web Vitals with and without the features above, we also had these plugins installed. The site received a 93 site speed score when just using GeneratePress alone but did not pass LCP.

Plugins, GenerateBlocks

When GenerateBlocks was activated, these plugins were installed. The site did not pass LCP and had the worst site speed score of the three experiments at 91.

Summary of Results


The site speed is 93 and while it passes most of the Core Web Vitals, it does not pass LCP.

GeneratePress Blocks and GP Premium

Using GeneratePress Block and GeneratePress Premium proved to have the worst site speed and Core Web Vitals. Once again, the site did not pass LCP.

GeneratePress with Ezoic Leap

When the site used just GeneratePress and Ezoic Leap, site speed rose to 95 and the site passed all Core Web Vitals.

Core Web Vitals Results

Just Generate Press



The theme passed 2/3 Core Web Vitals and did not fail any; however, FCP was “needs improvement”

w/ GenerateBlocks and GP Premium



The theme passed 2/3 Core Web Vitals and did not fail any; however, FCP was “needs improvement”. It was the slowest tested.

Just GeneratePress and Leap



The theme w/ Ezoic Leap passed all Core Web Vitals and consistently produced the fastest experience.