Recommended WordPress Hosts For Ezoic & Leap

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Known Hosts and Configurations That Work Really Well

Using Ezoic Cloud integration is key for serving “Core Web Vital-friendly ads“; however, some hosts may require additional steps or configuration to ensure proper function with Ezoic Cloud.

In some cases, sites may have to “whitelist Ips” or XFF forward requests in the header of their site to ensure a seamless configuration with Ezoic Cloud and Leap. Typically, this is easy and can be done with a simple message to a host or file upload (available here at the bottom of the page) in your hosting dashboard if you are on a managed hosting plan or dedicated server. Basic shared server plans may require the XFF forwarding, and in some cases, hosts may still block various requests (causing 5XX or origin errors).

Ones that require no additional efforts

These hosting plans below have been vetted and verified to work extremely well with Ezoic Cloud and Ezoic Leap with additional whitelisting or other additional steps (keep in mind this is far from a comprehensive list).

Managed WordPress Hosting:

  • Kinsta
  • Siteground

Basic WordPress Hosting:

  • A2 Hosting
  • Ezoic Free Hosting (only for Monetization sites)

Custom, Scalable Super-Fast Hosting

Other Known Options:

CDNs that are compatible:

  • Cloudflare is the only recommended 3rd-Party CDN

Are you a host that wants to be added to this list?

Tens of thousands of websites use Ezoic, and 300-500 new sites integrate with our technology via Cloud-level DNS integration.

If you’d like to ensure your hosting services or provisions and plans work seamlessly with Ezoic contact us below and a member of our hosting partner team will help ensure seamless integration and add your company to the list above.